Notarized LSU Baseballs

lsu signed baseballThis is another “Notary Blog” entry, so please excuse my less than professional tone.

Since we won some raffle tickets to watch LSU baseball play in the 2013 regionals this weekend, my son and I went to both games this weekend against Sam Houston State and the University Louisiana Lafayette.

In the Houston game, it was really exciting! A ton of errors, by both teams, made this one of the wildest games I can remember watching. Better yet, a ball that the LSU batter hit over the fence, which should have been a home run, bounced back into the field when it hit some equipment on the other side, and the umps missed the call. That 8th inning comeback was so exciting that it reminded me of being in Tiger Stadium. The crowd went nuts!

In the ULL game, the first half was very boring. The second half got a bit better, but it was still a sleeper game to me. I battled some serious heat in the first half as the wind was not moving at all. Then again, who am I to complain sitting in the bleachers?

The good news is that LSU won all of the weekend games, so we will be hosting Oklahoma in next weekend’s games. Now we just need to find another way to win some tickets!

As for the title of this post, I was thinking about getting the players to sign a ball, and then putting my notary seal on it. Why? Because my youngest son would get a kick out of it. He loves to pick on me about being a notary, and stamping papers all day, so notarizing an LSU baseball would give him something to laugh about for years.

In other notary news, I met a great family this weekend at a local hospital. They needed a Power Of Attorney and Living Will for their elderly mother. The whole family was really wonderful, and it was truly a pleasure to meet them. They all cared about their mom a lot. I was honored to help them.

Today I will be mailing a bunch of companies in a new marketing campaign. This is a test run to see what happens. I am sending 50 postcards to mortgage companies in the New Orleans area, and 50 letters to hospitals and retirement homes in the Baton Rouge area. Hopefully, this should bring me some new commercial business. If it works like I think it should, I will do a full run of 500 postcards and 500 letters, just as soon as I figure out how to get a loan to pay for all of the stamps!