Louisiana Temporary Custody Of A Child Form

use the louisiana provisional mandate to grant temporary custody of the childLet’s say that you want to grant custody of your child to your sister for a few weeks, but you don’t want to hire an attorney and get permission from the family court to transfer guardianship to your sister. What can you do? With the Louisiana Provisional Custody By Mandate form you are basically granting a power of attorney for your sister to act as the agent on your behalf in regards to your child, and to give temporary custody of the child. If this form is properly executed, your sister can enroll your child in school, take her to the doctor, etc. Your sister is practically the legal guardian of your child, without the burdens involved in transferring guardianship of a minor in Louisiana. This is an ideal form to use to grant temporary custody of a minor in Louisiana.

An important distinction in using the LA Provisional Custody instead of seeking an order from a family judge to transfer guardianship of the child is that this provisional custody is truly “provisional”. It will not last longer than a year, and it can be dated to last much shorter than a year. It’s supposed to be used to grant a temporary authority to act as the parent of your child.

To use this free form simply click on the following link: Louisiana Provisional Custody By Mandate Form

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