Louisiana Power Of Attorney Car Sale

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but as a mobile notary public serving the Greater Baton Rouge area, I have to be prepared to notarize anything. I have helped a lot of people with doing a Power of Attorney (POA), but there is an interesting limited POA in Louisiana where you appoint someone to represent you in a Power of Attorney car sale.

So a lady called me today. She owns a vehicle, along with another man. The lady lives in Louisiana, but the co-owner lives is Mississippi. He was in town today, and they wanted to make it so that she could sell the auto on her own, without him having to come back here for the transaction. They needed a LA auto POA created,and that’s what we made. In the POA, he appointed her to sell his interest in the vehicle by naming her as his agent or attorney-in-fact. Of course I notarized the document to verify that he actually signed it. She is now fully authorized to sell the auto that they both own, and he won’t have to come back to LA to sell it.

Here is an example of the LA auto POA that we used. Just click on the link to download the form:

la car poa

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