Louisiana Living Will

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Let’s talk about a Living Will. We will define it, explain what you can decide in it, how you can record or share it, the requirements of a valid Living Will in Louisiana, where you can get it drafted, and an example. Remember that if you have any questions at all, or need me to notarize your LA Living Will, you can always call me at 225-907-5280.

louisiana living willA Living Will is “a legal document that a person uses to make known his or her wishes regarding life prolonging medical treatments. It can also be referred to as an advance directive, health care directive, or a physician’s directive. A living will should not be confused with a living trust, which is a mechanism for holding and distributing a person’s assets to avoid probate. It is important to have a living will as it informs your health care providers and your family about your desires for medical treatment in the event you are not able to speak for yourself.”

With a Louisiana Living Will you can make many choices. You may decide that CPR should/should not be used to prolong your life, a ventilator, hydration, nutrition, dialysis and much more. With a Living Will, you are likely to die whether life sustaining treatment is used or not, so this is you chance to declare exactly what types of treatments should be used by your physician.

You should always store all original legal documents in s safe location. Many people will store their original Living Will in a safe deposit box or fire proof safe in their home. It is important that you let your family and friends know where it is stored. If you are in a hospital or nursing home, you should provide access of your original health care directives to the staff. In Louisiana you can also record your Living Will with the Secretary of State for a $20 fee.

A valid LA Living Will should be signed and dated by you. It should also be signed by two adult witnesses.

If you have complicated requests for your Living Will, you should really seek an attorney to have it drafted. If you can express your desires in the Living Will from the Secretary of State, then use this link to download the free Louisiana Living Will form from them. Another great Louisiana Living Will template that you can cheaply purchase is Five Wishes that you can find by clicking this link for more information.

Here is an example: John is 70 years old. John has terminal cancer and is expected to live less than a year. John wishes to die in peace at his retirement home in Baton Rouge. John does not want any medical procedures to be used to extend his life, including hydration or nutrition. John uses the free Living Will form from the Louisiana Secretary of State. He initials that he does not want hydration or nutrition used. He signs and dates it, and gets two adults to sign it as well. John then records the original at the Secretary of State, gives a copy to the staff, and lets his family know of his desire.

If I can help you with your Living Will in Louisiana, please call me at 225-907-5280.