Lots Of Loan Signings!

Wow the last few days have been full of a lot of loan signings!

After knocking out maybe 8 title searches on Monday, I had three refi signings in the Denham Springs area for the same lender. For some strange reason, all three loans had a lot of similarities:

  1. They were all husband/wife couples.
  2. Extremely friendly! I even had a connection with one signer that goes 25 years. What an amazing coincidence!
  3. All of the borrowers live in a flood zone. As one signer explained,”My whole neighborhood is in a flood zone, but our house is ten feet higher than anyone. If water gets in my house then all of Louisiana is under water!”
  4. Everyone was very informed of the details in their loan before we met. I can’t tell you how happy I was about that. A great loan officer makes sure that the borrower is fully informed and knows all of the details in the package. When the loan officer does that, and the signer understands the terms, my job is really easy!
busy notary

I am one busy notary!

Today, Tuesday, was another busy day that started with a bunch of abstracts, Two of those were “problems”, but it really feels good when you solve those problems. I had to go back to a cash sale in the 1920’s on one file to complete the chain. After my title searches I was busy handling three affidavits in Baton Rouge and Gonzales for a law firm client in Dallas, Texas. This client is a dream customer! Following the affidavit notary work I concluded with a few more refi signings as a notary signing agent in Baton Rouge. Once again, my signers were incredibly patient and friendly.

So the last few days as your mobile notary public, notary signing agent and abstracter have been great ones. If I can finish this week out with similar work I will be a very happy/busy guy!