Long Time, No See

Hello friends,

I admit it. I have neglected this site for a long, long time.

I have a little “building websites addiction”. I have created hundreds (maybe thousands) of websites, so I have a tendency to bounce from one to the next.

I recently saw that this site was getting some new traffic, and it reminded me of it. I probably have a dozen websites dedicated to my notary work, but this one has always been my favorite.

Why is it my favorite? Because of the “notary blog” section where I just wrote down whatever is happening. Just like this post.

So here is my intent to begin regularly updating this one again!

In notary news, I’m still doing my thing. While the bulk of my business is with mortgage signings (refinances, new purchases, reverse mortgages, etc.), I still visit regular folks like you and many companies for general notary work.

If you need a notary anywhere near Baton Rouge, just give me a call at 225-907-5280.