Does A Will In Louisiana Have To Be Notarized?

Because Louisiana still operates under the Civil Law system,we are a unique state. Using a generic Will that you print off of the internet can be dangerous due to Louisiana’s specific requirements for Last Will and Testaments. One requirement that we have is that a Will in Louisiana must be notarized, unless it is an Olographic Will.

An Olographic Will is one that is written, dated, and signed by the testator. It must state that it is a Will, and the entire document must be in the handwriting of the testator. If it meets these requirements, an Olographic Will is valid in Louisiana, and there is no need for witnesses or a notary.

The problem is that making an Olographic Will is kind of like representing yourself in a murder trial. Unless you are a lawyer, it’s probably not a good idea. That’s why we have another form of a Will, a Notarial Will, that most people use. There are some special circumstances, but every Notarial Will in Louisiana requires a notary. The notary must sign and witness the signatures of the testator and the witnesses.

In short, a Last Will & Testament in Louisiana has to be notarized, unless you foolishly write your own Will.

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