Daughter Turns 21

As a Notary in Baton Rouge, I stay really busy. This weekend was no different, but I also got to enjoy my daughter’s 21st birthday! Unfortunately I also lost a few jobs this weekend from not being available, but every now and then I have to focus on family, and this was just one of those weekends.

It all started on Friday afternoon after a full schedule of real estate abstracts. That evening we basically took it easy, but we also got some of the presents ready for the big bash on Sunday.

Saturday we took our older son to shop for a bass amp at a pawn shop off of Florida near Acadian. My boy has been staring at this particular amp for almost a year, watching the price drop every month. When he first started looking at it the amp was listed for $600. By this Saturday, it was marked for $250. It turned out that the manager was a really nice guy that is also a musician, so he and my son could relate to each other. He ended up selling us the amp for just $150, so my boy was really thrilled!

We then went to meet our cake baker to drop off a bottle of liquor to make the cake with (long story), hit a garage sale, then we all ate at Piccadilly. After that meal, and a nap, we headed to a crawfish boil with some of my wife’s friends. These ended up being some of the best crawfish that I have ever had! Those heads were so full of fat and flavor, my God that was amazing!I think we got home around midnight on Saturday and passed out.

On Sunday our daughter came back from a trip to Biloxi.We went to her ring ceremony at LSU, then we had lunch at some Mexican restaurant that I can’t spell. After that we went to Moonlight & Jazz,a fancy dinner at White Oak Plantation where the high school jazz band plays for us while we eat. The music was really good,and I got a kick out of my son’s performance on the bass in one song. He was really into it,and I was so proud!

After the jazz performance we went way out to Central to pick up the penguin birthday cake. It looked amazing! We then went to The Londoner restaurant for trivis, drinks, birthday cake and a lot of fun with friends.

The night ends with my sons in bed, wife and daughter trying to get lucky, and me writing this and thinking really hard about bed time. I need another weekend!

Thanks for reading guys and gals. Remember that if you want a notary in the Baton Rouge area to come to you, just give me a call at 225-907-5280.