Certified Notary Signing Agent

notary investigatorI have been resisting this for a long time, but for some reason I went ahead and paid to become a Certified Notary Signing Agent with the National Notary Association. What does that mean? It means that someone made a chunk of money from me so that I could be “trained” to handle loan closings,pass a simple test so that I can brag about my specialty, and even go through a “rigorous” background check.

So why did I resist for so long? As you may detect from my tone, it’s really silly. A fifth grader could pass the test. In my opinion, I am no more, or less, qualified to handle loan closings now than I was before. For example, one question in the test was something like, “When arriving at a signing should you park in the borrower’s driveway or in front of their house?” The reasoning behind parking in front of the house is so that you don’t leave oil stains on their driveway. Sorry, but that is beyond pointless, at least to me.

The background check is also a joke. I won’t go into details, but if you knew how extensive my previous background checks were you would get it. Having to get screened by an “internet investigative team” is just bad. Then again, some people seem to think that it matters.

Now that I have insulted the importance, I can at least say that I am a Certified Notary Signing Agent that has undergone a background screening from the NNA! Yay?

I promise to be more positive in my next notary blog. Promise!