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Long Time, No See

Hello friends,

I admit it. I have neglected this site for a long, long time.

I have a little “building websites addiction”. I have created hundreds (maybe thousands) of websites, so I have a tendency to bounce from one to the next.

I recently saw that this site was getting some new traffic, and it reminded me of it. I probably have a dozen websites dedicated to my notary work, but this one has always been my favorite.

Why is it my favorite? Because of the “notary blog” section where I just wrote down whatever is happening. Just like this post.

So here is my intent to begin regularly updating this one again!

In notary news, I’m still doing my thing. While the bulk of my business is with mortgage signings (refinances, new purchases, reverse mortgages, etc.), I still visit regular folks like you and many companies for general notary work.

If you need a notary anywhere near Baton Rouge, just give me a call at 225-907-5280.

Notarized LSU Baseballs

lsu signed baseballThis is another “Notary Blog” entry, so please excuse my less than professional tone.

Since we won some raffle tickets to watch LSU baseball play in the 2013 regionals this weekend, my son and I went to both games this weekend against Sam Houston State and the University Louisiana Lafayette.

In the Houston game, it was really exciting! A ton of errors, by both teams, made this one of the wildest games I can remember watching. Better yet, a ball that the LSU batter hit over the fence, which should have been a home run, bounced back into the field when it hit some equipment on the other side, and the umps missed the call. That 8th inning comeback was so exciting that it reminded me of being in Tiger Stadium. The crowd went nuts!

In the ULL game, the first half was very boring. The second half got a bit better, but it was still a sleeper game to me. I battled some serious heat in the first half as the wind was not moving at all. Then again, who am I to complain sitting in the bleachers?

The good news is that LSU won all of the weekend games, so we will be hosting Oklahoma in next weekend’s games. Now we just need to find another way to win some tickets!

As for the title of this post, I was thinking about getting the players to sign a ball, and then putting my notary seal on it. Why? Because my youngest son would get a kick out of it. He loves to pick on me about being a notary, and stamping papers all day, so notarizing an LSU baseball would give him something to laugh about for years.

In other notary news, I met a great family this weekend at a local hospital. They needed a Power Of Attorney and Living Will for their elderly mother. The whole family was really wonderful, and it was truly a pleasure to meet them. They all cared about their mom a lot. I was honored to help them.

Today I will be mailing a bunch of companies in a new marketing campaign. This is a test run to see what happens. I am sending 50 postcards to mortgage companies in the New Orleans area, and 50 letters to hospitals and retirement homes in the Baton Rouge area. Hopefully, this should bring me some new commercial business. If it works like I think it should, I will do a full run of 500 postcards and 500 letters, just as soon as I figure out how to get a loan to pay for all of the stamps!


Yahoo Local Listing

yahooI finally got listed on Yahoo Local under the Baton Rouge Notary Public section. It took forever, but I finally made it! Now you can review my services on Yahoo. You can find that link on my Reviews page here: REVIEWS.

To all of my customers, thank you! Your feedback means a lot to me, and I really do appreciate it! Remember that you can always call me at 225-907-5280 with any questions or concerns.

Amazing Review

happy faceToday a customer emailed me with the greatest review I have ever gotten! I can’t go into details, but to my friends from Florida- thank you! I just can’t tell you how good your kind words made me feel. It truly means a lot. I really care about all of my customers, so to hear such a positive result is nothing short of amazing!

If you are a client of mine, and you want to leave me a positive review, you can find where to place one by following this link– HERE. From that link you can find places to share your opinions of me on Angie’s List, 123Notary, Facebook and more. Of course you are always welcome to just give me a call at 225-907-5280, or email me at Remember that I 100% stand behind every job that I do, so you can count on me for life.

My friends from Florida, thank you!

Certified Notary Signing Agent

notary investigatorI have been resisting this for a long time, but for some reason I went ahead and paid to become a Certified Notary Signing Agent with the National Notary Association. What does that mean? It means that someone made a chunk of money from me so that I could be “trained” to handle loan closings,pass a simple test so that I can brag about my specialty, and even go through a “rigorous” background check.

So why did I resist for so long? As you may detect from my tone, it’s really silly. A fifth grader could pass the test. In my opinion, I am no more, or less, qualified to handle loan closings now than I was before. For example, one question in the test was something like, “When arriving at a signing should you park in the borrower’s driveway or in front of their house?” The reasoning behind parking in front of the house is so that you don’t leave oil stains on their driveway. Sorry, but that is beyond pointless, at least to me.

The background check is also a joke. I won’t go into details, but if you knew how extensive my previous background checks were you would get it. Having to get screened by an “internet investigative team” is just bad. Then again, some people seem to think that it matters.

Now that I have insulted the importance, I can at least say that I am a Certified Notary Signing Agent that has undergone a background screening from the NNA! Yay?

I promise to be more positive in my next notary blog. Promise!

Lots Of Loan Signings!

Wow the last few days have been full of a lot of loan signings!

After knocking out maybe 8 title searches on Monday, I had three refi signings in the Denham Springs area for the same lender. For some strange reason, all three loans had a lot of similarities:

  1. They were all husband/wife couples.
  2. Extremely friendly! I even had a connection with one signer that goes 25 years. What an amazing coincidence!
  3. All of the borrowers live in a flood zone. As one signer explained,”My whole neighborhood is in a flood zone, but our house is ten feet higher than anyone. If water gets in my house then all of Louisiana is under water!”
  4. Everyone was very informed of the details in their loan before we met. I can’t tell you how happy I was about that. A great loan officer makes sure that the borrower is fully informed and knows all of the details in the package. When the loan officer does that, and the signer understands the terms, my job is really easy!
busy notary

I am one busy notary!

Today, Tuesday, was another busy day that started with a bunch of abstracts, Two of those were “problems”, but it really feels good when you solve those problems. I had to go back to a cash sale in the 1920’s on one file to complete the chain. After my title searches I was busy handling three affidavits in Baton Rouge and Gonzales for a law firm client in Dallas, Texas. This client is a dream customer! Following the affidavit notary work I concluded with a few more refi signings as a notary signing agent in Baton Rouge. Once again, my signers were incredibly patient and friendly.

So the last few days as your mobile notary public, notary signing agent and abstracter have been great ones. If I can finish this week out with similar work I will be a very happy/busy guy!

Daughter Turns 21

As a Notary in Baton Rouge, I stay really busy. This weekend was no different, but I also got to enjoy my daughter’s 21st birthday! Unfortunately I also lost a few jobs this weekend from not being available, but every now and then I have to focus on family, and this was just one of those weekends.

It all started on Friday afternoon after a full schedule of real estate abstracts. That evening we basically took it easy, but we also got some of the presents ready for the big bash on Sunday.

Saturday we took our older son to shop for a bass amp at a pawn shop off of Florida near Acadian. My boy has been staring at this particular amp for almost a year, watching the price drop every month. When he first started looking at it the amp was listed for $600. By this Saturday, it was marked for $250. It turned out that the manager was a really nice guy that is also a musician, so he and my son could relate to each other. He ended up selling us the amp for just $150, so my boy was really thrilled!

We then went to meet our cake baker to drop off a bottle of liquor to make the cake with (long story), hit a garage sale, then we all ate at Piccadilly. After that meal, and a nap, we headed to a crawfish boil with some of my wife’s friends. These ended up being some of the best crawfish that I have ever had! Those heads were so full of fat and flavor, my God that was amazing!I think we got home around midnight on Saturday and passed out.

On Sunday our daughter came back from a trip to Biloxi.We went to her ring ceremony at LSU, then we had lunch at some Mexican restaurant that I can’t spell. After that we went to Moonlight & Jazz,a fancy dinner at White Oak Plantation where the high school jazz band plays for us while we eat. The music was really good,and I got a kick out of my son’s performance on the bass in one song. He was really into it,and I was so proud!

After the jazz performance we went way out to Central to pick up the penguin birthday cake. It looked amazing! We then went to The Londoner restaurant for trivis, drinks, birthday cake and a lot of fun with friends.

The night ends with my sons in bed, wife and daughter trying to get lucky, and me writing this and thinking really hard about bed time. I need another weekend!

Thanks for reading guys and gals. Remember that if you want a notary in the Baton Rouge area to come to you, just give me a call at 225-907-5280.

What A Busy Day!

As a Notary Signing Agent that works on loan closings, applications, debt settlements and asset purchases, I never know what will happen on any given day. As a Mobile Notary Public that does general notary work in the Baton Rouge region, I get to meet all kinds of people. As an Attorney and Abstractor, I get to pay most of my bills on time. Long story short, I wear so many hats that sometimes I forget which one I have on. Today was no exception because it sure was a busy day!

Last night a nice couple called me from Prairieville,LA. They had received a loan modification package from their out of state lender that they needed to sign and have notarized. The trick was that they needed to have it done this morning before work so that they could get it dropped off to FedEx, and not miss any work. We agreed to meet in a parking lot that was the half way point for both of us around 6:00 A.M. They were grateful to have a notary that would meet them during unusual hours, and I enjoyed the few minutes I spent with them.

The next 8+ hours were spent working on abstracts (title searches). Most of them were fairly boring, but one was really fun. I’m sure that only an abstractor would understand this, but completing a chain of title that seems impossible is such a thrill! It almost feels like winning a gold medal. That “miracle abstract” made my entire day! I know,I’m a nerd.

My next job happened at a nursing home in Baton Rouge. An extremely friendly lady had called me earlier in the week about this job. Her mother was in a nursing home and had recently had an Estate Attorney in Kansas create an irrevocable trust for her. They got the paperwork in the mail today and needed me to check over it,get all of the signed signatures and notarize it. Mom was no longer able to travel easily,so they told me that I was a “real blessing” for them. Talk about making my day again! These ladies were just so friendly and appreciative. They are exactly why I do what I do. So we went through all of the paperwork to create her trust, finished the signings, and then shared a few stories about Texas, the dangerous Mexican border, and the Air Force. I should have been the one paying them!

My next assignment brought me all the way to Brusly, Louisiana over in West Baton Rouge Parish. A man that had recently moved here from Mississippi was selling an old car to his neighbor. Since both of these guys work all day, getting to a notary that works banking hours was hard to do. This was also the seller’s first time to sell a vehicle, so he wasn’t sure about the whole process. I spent maybe ten minutes explaining how the whole process works, created a Bill of Sale on the spot, transferred the title, and had a great time with these guys. They were just down to Earth country guys- my kind of people!

My next mission was to watch my son play in his jazz band at our church. I was late, as usual,but I really enjoy watching him. The boy could really make a life out of music, if he chooses that path. Of course mom wants him to be a nerdy engineer, but I silently hope to see him on MTV some day.

The day concludes with me writing this entry. I am really exhausted, so it would be nice to get some rest asap! Of course I will still answer my phone if anyone calls, but I’m going to try to get a few hours sleep in while I can.

Thanks for reading everyone! If you need a Baton Rouge Mobile Notary that will come to you 24/7,please give me a call at 225-907-5280.