Bill Of Sale Notary Baton Rouge

As a mobile notary public, I have helped so many people notarize a bill of sale for their car, truck, boat, motor or trailer all over Louisiana. As the seller or the buyer, it really is important that you have a bill of sale that is properly prepared, signed and notarized to protect yourself. If you need a mobile notary that can come to you anywhere in the Greater Baton Rouge region to help you with the bill of sale, please call me at 225-907-5280. I can also assist you with transferring the title,and of course I will gladly answer all of your questions. Finding a bill of sale notary in Baton Rouge on the weekends or at night is just not easy, so that’s why I offer 24/7 service, and I can come directly to you!

bill of sale louisianaLet’s talk about how I can help you with the paperwork, what a bill of sale is, and why you need it to protect yourself. For this example we will pretend that you are Joe and that you are selling your car to Mary.

Joe has his Honda listed on Craigslist for just $2,000. Mary, realizing what a good deal that is, calls Joe at midnight and says she has to have the car, but she needs it now and has the cash in hand. Joe agrees to sell the car to Mary, but he’s not sure what kind of paperwork he needs. Joe, being the smart guy that he is, calls George and tells him to hurry over to help. George meets Mary and Joe at Joe’s house at 1:00 A.M., because he never sleeps, and walks everyone through the process. George helps Mary and Joe fill out the bill of sale, gets it notarized on the spot, transfers the title over to Mary, and everyone is as happy as can be.

Joe and Mary are happy that they completed the transaction and got the bill of sale done, but exactly what is the bill of sale? A bill of sale is a contract. In our example it shows that Joe sold his car to Mary for $2,000. Since it was completed accurately, signed by both parties and notarized by George, it is legal proof of the transaction. A bill of sale can be used to show proof of the saleof almost anything, but it is most commonly used to prove the sale of a vehicle, boat, trailer or animal.

Why did Joe and Mary need the bill of sale? Since Mary got such a good deal on the car, she can use the bill of sale to show that she only paid $2,000 for it, even though the blue book value is $3,000. Joe is happy that he got the bill of sale because this is the only proof that he has showing that he sold the car to Mary. Since the title was transferred over to Mary and given to her, Joe needs the bill of sale to prove that it is no longer his vehicle. There are many reasons that Joe may need to prove this in the future.

If you need help with a bill of sale anywhere near Baton Rouge, please call me at 225-907-5280.

P.S. This video on the need for a bill of sale on YouTube is really good!